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Switch from CVS to Subversion

During the last year it could be observed that many projects as well from the open source area as commercial projects changed their version control systems to Subversion. But what is the improvement of Subversion compared to CVS (Concurrent Versions System). We try to find an answer to this question by a critical view as well to the advantages of Subversion as to possible disadvantages, if any. Software Developers Journal Extra 3/2006 (Seite 44-47)

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Introduction of Subversion into a working group

It is not only great projects or teams which require a version control and traceability of changes during the software development, this is a necessity perhaps even more necessary in smaller working teams. Version control is an important point of quality assurance so the decision which tool to employ is equaly important. This leads to questions regarding the costs (roi) and the efforts of pratice for such a tool. Open source software often represents quite a good alternative. Subversion currently is quite popular because it is realtively recent development presenting good concepts as well as solving a lot of problems of the predecessor CVS (Concurrent Versions System). This article explains the installation, commands and the application of Subversion in a working group to show the advantages of the use of a version control system.

Programmieren unter Linux 2/2006 (Seite 32-39) or online as PDF

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Switch from CVS to Subversion

What are the advantages?

Subversion has been developed as successor of CVS. Currently many people consider a change from CVS to Subversion. Unfortunatly they don't know exactly which problems expect them and if a change will be worthwhile at all. One of the questions involved is e.g. the possibilities of backup. This article shows some solutions and suggestions.

Linux Enterprise 02/2005 (Seite 79-83)

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Bye bye slacker

Printing with web applications

The printing of datas is very frequent requirement during the development of web applications. This problem can be solved in different ways. The present article shows the possibilities to create PDF files relatively simple by using PHP, smarty(TM) templates and TeX/LaTeX.

PHP Magazin 06/2004 (Seite 33-36)

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Projectmanagement with CVS

Branching- und Merging-Strategies in software development

During software development nearly always the same problems occur. Which release has been deliverd where to? When and in which release the bug, which has been complained of by the customer has been fixed. Has it been fixed at all? Which supplemental functions should be added to the next release? Which additions can be realized till the next role out? These questions can be answered or maybe even avoided by the use of certain strategies and approaches.

PHP Magazin 01/2004 (Seite 74-78)

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SCM as a Project

How to install a SCM

The installation of a software configuration management (SCM) is meant to lead to an improvement of the software development as well as to amelioration in time and costs. To achive this, the installation has to be planned exactly.

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