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Software Configuration Management

We can offer you advice in Software Configuration Management including support in special tools of the Open Source area like CVS or Subversion or Git.

You may have special needs in the area of distributed version control (DVCS), which also can be solved by using open source tools like SVK or Git.

We can support you during the migration from e.g. CVS to Subversion or from ClearCase to Subversion or to Git. That needs the analyses of the current situation and the migration itself.

If you like we can do the installation of a Subversion Server on Linux / Windows.

Furthermore more it is important before using such tools to know exactly their purpose as well as techniques or strategies employed.

A good example for this could be a branching strategy, which separates developement and deployment.

Another subject might be sofware collaboration management based on plattforms like Redmine etc.

You are searching for possibilities to improve your development process by using a build process using tools like Ant or Maven 2/3 in relationship with build systems like Jenkins etc.

We offer consulting during the introduction of software configuration management with OpenSource Tools